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The Spark That Ignited Simpli Stamped: My Journey of Love and Jewelry

So, you might be wondering how this adventure called Simpli Stamped started. Well, grab a chair, because it's story time, and I'm about to take you on a journey, and hopefully inspire you.

A Creative Heart Embarks on a New Path 

Rewind to 2011. I was immersed in a world of chemisty and raw material ingrediens (a far cry from the jewelry artist you know and love today). Yes, I was a Chemist, but deep down, I yearned for a creative outlet that spoke to my soul. Then, it happened. Jewelry making found its way into my life, and my creative spirit took off like a rocket on a star-filled night. 

But Simpli Stamped didn't just spring up overnight with a magical poof. Instead, it all started with an idea that held a special place in my heart: the "I Am Loved" collection. 

The Inspiration Behind "I Am Loved" 

Picture this: me, wandering through a charming gift store, my fingers skimming over shelves lined with trinkets, and my heart filling with some sort of unspeakable joy. I always found myself drawn to a specific corner of the store, where a variety of christening gifts sat proudly on display. Among them? A tiny bracelet engraved with the words "Jesus loves me." Talk about a cue the heart-eyes emoji moment! 

I'd spend countless visits talking myself out of buying that bracelet for some undefined "someday" (but boy, did I want to!). Then, life happened as it usually does, and the bracelet vanished from the store's shelves just as I was about to welcome a baby of my own into the world. 

When Life Calls for a Love Reminder 

Shortly after my son's birth, a close friend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who faced a serious health battle. My heart ached with the overwhelming desire to find a sweet bracelet like the one that had captivated me all those years before. I searched, but I couldn't find one. 

As fate would have it, when my friend announced she was expecting another child, I decided to make my own version of that special bracelet. However, instead of stamping "Jesus loves me," I chose the words "I Am Loved." This long prayed for child would be loved like no other before.

And So, Simpli Stamped Was Born 

As I hand-stamped each letter onto the silver and aluminum to create the bracelet, I realized that I was doing more than just crafting a shiny trinket. I was planting a seed of love, creating a spark that would ignite the journey of Simpli Stamped. 

With every beautifully designed piece, Simpli Stamped became more than just a jewelry brand. It evolved into a tangible reminder of an undeniable truth: We Are Loved. And now, through my jewelry, I strive to remind everyday women of their worth and potential. 

So here we are, on this amazing rollercoaster ride celebrating our strengths, our uniqueness, and embracing self-love through hand-stamped jewelry with clean and modern lines. And I'm beyond grateful to have all of you along for the ride, laughing, sharing, and conquering the world, one fabulous piece of jewelry at a time. 

Stay incredible, 


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