Meet Amber

Photo of Amber Saffo Hello!

I'm Amber Saffo, a small-town jewelry designer based in Connecticut, on a mission to craft jewelry that inspires and affirms self-worth. You know that magical feeling of sun-kissed summer days and serene winter quiet? I absolutely adore them, and they're a constant source of inspiration for me.

Igniting Simpli Stamped: A Journey to Change Lives

I started Simpli Stamped in 2011 to create jewelry pieces that act as reminders to rise above society's insistence that we're "not enough." I believe that we are all truly loved and can overcome these negative voices that try to bring us down.

 The Collection: More Than Just Jewelry

Each piece in my collection - be it a message ring or motivational necklace - is designed with a purpose: to assert that we are all deserving of love, and appreciation. These pieces serve as tangible reinforcements for the positive voice within you, whispering that you're more than capable of triumphing over life's challenges.

 For Everyday Women: Inspiration and Confidence

Your Personal Reminder of Strength

I create jewelry for everyday women who seek a spark of inspiration and a quiet, personal reminder that they have what it takes to conquer the world. When others attempt to diminish our worth, my hope is that my jewelry acts as a beacon of self-confidence and assurance of your inherent value.

 The Journey So Far: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Over time, I have added pieces that inspire us to find the beauty in everyday life. These wearable mantras of reassurance are crafted with the conviction that we are all truly loved no matter what anyone else says.