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Hello 2024! Finding Your Word of the Year

As we enter 2024, many of us start to think about our resolutions, what we want to achieve or change. But over the recent years, there has been a thought-provoking shift from the usual list of resolutions to a more thoughtful, spiritual practice - choosing your 'Word of The Year'. This is your personal word of the year, a guiding word that encapsulates your vision and focus for the next year ahead.

How To Pick Your Word of the Year and Why Does it Matter?

Choosing a word for the year is an intuitive, reflective practice that invites you to dive deep into your aspirations, hopes, and values. It's really timeless! For centuries, cultures worldwide have used symbolic words or phrases as guides and totems.

It is like having coffee with yourself. It's a chance to really listen to your heart and find that perfect word to help you tackle the year ahead. Think of it as your personal billboard, cheering you on through every step, decision, and moment of growth in 2024.

I choose my word by deciding what I want my year to look like and accomplish. Sometimes this comes from a gut feeling of how it will go, but other times (this year) it is from my desire to make this my truth for the year.

Some Ideas for Your Word of the Year

So you're probably wondering, "Alright, you've sold me on the idea of choosing a word for 2024, but what word do I pick?" And that, voice in your head, is a fantastic question. You're aiming for a word that resonates with your soul; a word so tangy, you can taste it in everything you do. A word that can guide you, bolster you, and transform you. Here are some suggestions that can inspire your choice for your Word of the Year:

  • Courage: This word is your call to confront your fears head-on in 2024. It's a prompt to be a little bolder, step out of that comfort zone, and conquer whatever comes at you. Do you get that palpitation before any big decision or change? Let courage be your guide.
  • Gratitude: Focusing on gratitude in 2024 might pull you towards recognizing and cherishing the goodness in your life. It encourages you to appreciate good times and find silver linings on tough days. It's about recognizing the love around you and within you.
  • Strength: If you foresee a year of transition and challenge, perhaps strength is your word. This one's not just about physical strength, though swapping out the remote for a yoga mat might not be a bad idea. It's about emotional and mental resilience. Strength to keep standing, strength to keep moving, strength to keep hoping.
  • Innovate: If 2024 is your year of transformation and setting forth with fresh ideas, 'innovate' might just be your guiding light. This little word says, "Hey! Let's shake things up a bit, shall we?"
  • Balance: Balance might be your call for equilibrium if you've often found yourself pacing towards either extreme of life's see-saw. It could mean work-life balance, emotional balance, or even that balance in your diet that your nutritionist has been raving about.

My word of the year is Discipline. I saw an IG reel from Jordan Ferrone that truly resonated with me, this is what I want to have for myself, to be this year.

Discipline is the strongest form of self love.
It's ignoring something you want right now for something better later on.
Discipline reveals the commitment you have to your dreams, especially on days where you don't want to.
The future you is depending on the current you to keep the promises you made to yourself yesterday.

Personalizing and Materializing Your Guiding Word

Once you have chosen your word, giving it a form can help internalize its meaning and power.

That's where a personalized sterling silver ring from Simpli Stamped can hold your word close and steady. Imagine having Gratitude on your finger while you're sipping morning coffee, or feeling the heft of Strength as you conquer a tough day. You can carry your word, made physical in a beautiful and effortless ring, right where you need it.

So get ready to give 2024 a name, a face, a spirit! Dive deep into the coming year, armed with your powerful word, encased in silver. After all, the one person you'll spend the most time with in your life is you. And you deserve every bit of this love and attention.

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