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Anchor Necklace in Rose Gold

Anchor Necklace in Rose Gold

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Anchors Away! Unlock Your Inner Strength with the Anchor Necklace

Get ready for something entirely different. This isn't your typical piece of jewelry. This is a badge of honor, serving up a daily reminder of your inner super powers. This beautiful, hand-stamped anchor necklace is more than just jewelry.

The 'Refuse to Sink' Mantra - A Lifeline in Rose Gold

Wear your mantra on your neck, it's about more than just looking smashing. It's a personal vow to stay afloat, no matter how stormy life gets. Perfect for your everyday wear or to pull out for that fancy gig when you need a spoonful of empowerment.

More than a Gift

A gift that says more than just 'hey, I saw this and thought of you'? This necklace doesn’t just dangle from the neck, it serves as a phantom high-five to the lucky one wearing this piece. It softly whispers - Chin up, you've got this, and there's not a thing in this universe you can't whip even on a Tuesday.


* Pendant Material: Plated Rose Gold
* Pendant Width: 1/4"
* Pendant Height: 1/2"
* Chain Material: Rose Gold-Filled
* Chain Lenght: 18"

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