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Bookish Ring {sterling silver}

Bookish Ring {sterling silver}

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Get ready to step up your bookish goodies game! Here's the "Bookish" Sterling Silver Ring you're going to want to reach for more often than the book itself!

Calling all the book lovers out there who cherish words as much as they do coffee (or wine, depending on the chapter)! This ring is your secret handshake into the elite society of book lovers, a token that silently screams your book lover status to the world.

This handcrafted, minimalist beauty is a fine slice of sterling silver, just 2mm wide, that's been intricately stamped with the word "Bookish" in that trendy book aesthetic we all adore. It's bookish jewelry that's designed to be subtle, yet oh-so-elegantly proud in its portrayal of your literary love. Talk about nailing the book aesthetic!

Are you someone who drops everything for a good book? Or maybe you're hunting for that perfect gift for the book lovers in your life? Yes, it's understated, but that's just how we like it. All the better to silently lure in other book worms and start a book club.

So, fellow bookish folks, or those in need of a book worm gift, the next time you're deep down the rabbit hole of an awesome novel, why not do it in style? You're not just any reader. You're a 'wear-it-proud, stamped-in-sterling' reader! And why shouldn't you be?

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* Material: Sterling Silver
* Ring Width: 2mm

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