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You Matter Necklace in Sterling Silver

You Matter Necklace in Sterling Silver

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'You Matter': A Necklace That Gets You

Hey, you with the unstoppable spark. Meet the 'You Matter' Sterling Silver Necklace. Peek in the mirror with this necklace on, and you've got a tiny-but-mighty friend nodding back at you. It's more than a simple silver trinket; it's a daily nudge in sterling silver saying, "Yes, you're enough, and don't you forget it."

Your Everyday Anthem in Silver

Picture layering up for your day and tossing on this nugget of love—your secret power-up. Join the fam of happy hearts wearing reminders that, styled solo or paired up, you're not just moving through the day; you're owning it, one step, one sparkle, one mighty "I matter" at a time.


* Material: Sterling Silver
* Pendant Width: 1/2"
* Pendant Height: 1/2"
* Chain Lenght: 18"

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